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This page contains the terms and conditions which apply to all reservations made through the website, mobile app, phone, fax, email or any other communication mechanism.

We are not a common carrier and reserve the right to refuse to deal with any person or to carry any Luggage without giving any reason. You agree to observe any written or oral direction that we give to you in respect of your travel on our Coach.


All quoted fares (whether on our website, our mobile app, through our call centre or from one of our Authorized Agents) are subject to change prior to payment by the Passenger.

Passengers should ensure that they confirm the applicable fare amount, through one of the channels listed above, prior to paying for their Ticket.

Parents or guardians accompanying an Infant must purchase a Ticket for themselves and must pay 50% of the standard adult fare for a Ticket for the Infant. If the same parent or guardian wishes to accompany a second Infant, that second Infant will receive a Ticket for free. Any additional Infants accompanied by the same parent or guardian will be charged at 50% of the standard adult fare for a Ticket.

Infants who are accompanied by 2 fully paying Passengers will receive a Ticket for free (up to a maximum of 2 Infants).


Passengers must be at the departure point specified on the Ticket at least 20 minutes before the allocated departure time on the Ticket. Passengers may be refused carriage if they arrive less than 20 minutes before the allocated departure time on the Ticket.

We will endeavor to adhere to the departure and arrival times stated on the relevant Ticket but, subject to any rights that a Passenger may have as a Consumer, are not liable for any failure to meet those times.

All Passengers must, at the time of boarding the Coach, have their Ticket, or in the case of an E-Ticket, their booking number and photo identification (passport, driver's license or concession card) which matches the name on the Ticket or associated with the booking number, on their person and available for inspection. Passengers who fail to produce such information may be refused entry onto the Coach at no liability or cost to us.

It is the responsibility of each Passenger to check any changes made to our timetables before departure. We may alter our timetables up to 24 hours in advance of the allocated departure time stated on a Ticket.

Passengers exiting the Coach for a meal, refreshment break or other stop are required to return to the Coach before the specified departure time. A Passenger who fails to board the Coach by the specified departure time will forfeit the remainder of the Ticket and will be responsible for all costs incurred by the Passenger as a result.


Passengers are entitled to two pieces of Standard Luggage on our Coaches.

Additional baggage:
a) Passengers are entitled to 3 additional items of Standard Luggage at $8 per item
b) Requests for any items in excess of three additional items will be charged at our standard freight rates.

Passengers may make a request to bring nonstandard items of Luggage on our Coaches, which if approved by us in our absolute discretion will be charged as follows:
a) $13 per surfboard, surf-ski or sailboards;
b) $47 per pushbike;
c) any other non-standard items of Luggage may be charged at rates that we determine in our absolute discretion.

All items listed above must be accompanied by a Passenger.

Prams and wheelchairs may be brought on board our Coach free of charge regardless of how much Luggage the Passenger has.

Express Ticket Passengers whose journey includes a number of sectors will only be charged once per item (not charged per sector).

Surfboards, surf-skis and sailboards must be packed well in damage absorbent material and will have a maximum length of 2 metres.

All Luggage (Standard Luggage and nonstandard) must weigh no more than 20kg.

Passengers are entitled to 1 item of Hand Luggage which must not weigh more than 8kg.

Passengers must remove all Hand Luggage while disembarking at meal, rest and other stops.

Please note:

a) all Luggage, including Hand Luggage, is the sole responsibility of the Passenger;

b) we accept no responsibility, and shall not be liable, for theft, loss or damage to any Passenger’s luggage whilst in our terminal, on a Coach, in transit or otherwise in our possession or control, whether caused by our negligence, recklessness, willful misconduct or otherwise. We recommend that you carry any personal items including fragile or valuable items on your person; and

c) personal travel insurance is not included with your Ticket. It is recommended that you obtain adequate insurance before travelling with us.

Any Luggage or Hand Luggage that is left aboard a Coach or in our terminal will be carried to a central point and stored at the Passengers risk for no more than 3 months. An administration fee of $23 will apply for the return of lost Luggage or Hand Luggage and any freight expenses incurred in the return of lost Luggage or Hand Luggage will be incurred at the Passengers expense.

The Passenger warrants that their Luggage or any other goods taken or placed on the Coach will not, either directly or indirectly, cause any loss or damage of any kind whatsoever to us, our staff, any other passengers, any Luggage, other goods or the Coach.

Passengers with wheelchairs will be required to sit in a Coach seat and to stow their wheelchair in our storage bins.


We may refuse carriage to, or remove from our Coaches, any Passenger that we or our staff believe (acting reasonably) is intoxicated by drugs and/or alcohol and who may, or may not, pose a potential threat to themselves, others or property.

Any additional costs to us or the Passenger which are incurred as a result of above exercise will be borne by the Passenger. The Passenger will be deemed to have traveled the relevant sector of the Ticket for
which they were removed from the Coach and/or refused entry onto the Coach and will not be entitled to any refund or exchange.


Violence, disorderly conduct and aggression will not be tolerated on our Coaches or at the terminal.

Passengers may be removed from a Coach or refused entry on to a Coach prior to reaching their destination if, in our opinion including the opinion of our staff, they demonstrate violent, disorderly or aggressive behavior.

Any additional costs to us or the Passenger which are incurred as a result of above exercise will be borne by the Passenger. The Passenger will be deemed to have traveled the relevant sector of the Ticket for
which they were removed from the Coach and/or refused entry onto the Coach and will not be entitled to any refund or exchange.


We may refuse entry of any Passenger onto our Coach, or may remove a Passenger from the Coach if, in our reasonable opinion (or that of our staff):
a) the Passenger is in breach of any of these Terms;
b) there is a risk that the Passenger or the Passenger's Luggage may cause disturbance, distress or discomfort, to any other Passenger or the driver or any of our staff; or
c) there is a risk that the Passenger may interfere with the safety of the other Passengers, the driver, our staff or the Coach.


It is the Passenger's responsibility to disclose to us any physical or mental condition that may hinder access to, from or while on our Coaches.

Passengers must be able to board, disembark and move around the Coach unaided or with minimal assistance from the Coach driver. Passengers must also be willing and able to comply with time restrictions and regulations at meal and other stops. Any passenger who cannot perform these
functions unaided must be accompanied by a carer for the duration of the journey.

Drivers may provide minor assistance to a Passenger where required where they deem it safe to do so.


Our services maybe delayed or cancelled due to an Event of Force Majeure. Affected Passengers will be entitled to use their Ticket (or where only one sector is affected, to travel that sector) for a period of 6 months from the date of purchase.

We will use our reasonable endeavors to assist Passengers to find another available service in such  circumstances, and will not be responsible for any costs incurred by Passengers as a result of a delay or cancellation. This clause does not affect any rights or remedies under the Australian Consumer Law which cannot be excluded, restricted or modified.


Subject to any other right or remedy the Passenger may have under the Australian Consumer Law, we do not offer refunds to Passengers who:
a) fail to board the Coach they have booked to travel on;
b) are removed from the Coach for the reasons set out in above clauses of these Terms;
c) in the circumstances set out in the clause "Service delays and cancellations" of these Terms.

In addition to this clause and subject to any other right or remedy the Passenger may have under the Australian Consumer Law, our policy for Ticket refunds, changes and transfers is set out in the Schedule to these Terms.

You acknowledge and agree that the cancellation fees set out in the Schedule constitute a genuine pre-estimate of our loss if you cancel your Ticket.

Despite above clauses, we may decide to offer a refund to a Passenger in our absolute discretion.

If Premium Upgrade is purchased, the Express Ticket can be changed or refunded, but not transferred to another person, prior to the commencement of travel. If the time of travel has passed and you have not
shown up or advised of the change prior, there is no refund. The ticket value will be refunded excluding processing fee and Premium Upgrade costs.